Saturday, July 22, 2006

Where’s my mouth?

Yesterday was the bombing of my neighborhood in Ashrafieh.
Fear contracts my entrails and ties my tongue.

Innocents ready for martyr.

On the 9th day: more than 300 killed and 1000 injured.

For the first time, the Burj Al Barajneh region is bombed.

I remember the fear that used to ransform my saliva in a taste of earth lifted by bombs, the contracting of the entrails, the uncontrollable trembling of the hand…
It was during the war between Aoun and Geagea.

LGhorayeb - 20 july 2006


Blogger JC2005 said...

i'm a young portuguese writer. thank you so much for witnessing in this incredible, courageous, moving way. so sorry that you were a victim of human cruelty too many times... it makes me so sad. :( please, try to be safe - and we need you out of there! come!!
from lisbon, portugal

4:30 AM  
Blogger shanseuse said...

Dear Laure,

Thank you for your witness. In the 80's there was no internet. Now it will be harder to hide the truth.

I live in the U.S.A., and you wouldn't believe (or maybe you would) how distorted the news is here. We feel so helpless - we know our government will let Israel do anything and just repeat the propaganda. The only thing we can do is pass on the information we get to as many people as possible.

I wish you safety and peace. The world's governments have once again turned a blind eye, but the world's people will not abandon you this time.

6:46 AM  
Blogger Acoustic Company said...

Please be safe and continue this writing, as it's invaluable to the history of humanity. I cannot imagine what you are experiancing and am thoroughly grateful for your descriptions.

Peace and Love,
Cody Oliver, Canada

9:58 AM  
Blogger illusion of progress said...

Dear Laure,

I am a composer and musician that lives in Chicago. I am also very fortunate to be counted as a dear friend to your wonderful, wayward son Mazen. The first time i visited Beirut, which was exactly one year ago last week, I stay at his place in sin el fil, and was immediately taken by the two beautiful large drawings of yours that hang in the living room. I feel very privilaged now to be able to see your drawings and thoughts on this blog and certainly wish the subject wasn't so terrible. I will be back in Beirut one day very soon and would love to meet you. I hope you remain safe. Thank you for witnessing.

Michael Zerang

6:02 PM  
Blogger Really Survive said...

You are the inspiration for
When Disaster Strikes on the Antiwikipedia.

Thank you for having the courage to speak out.

8:00 PM  
Blogger phoebe said...

so sad to read those words... but fortunately people like you, mazen and so on can speak and tell us what is happening. people around the world must open their eyes and do something to stop this sea of oficial crimes. seems like most governments are closing their eyes... but we are more than mere governments. be sure that people ir with you and yours.

tomorrow, for what i've been able to know, is a day for internetional action against what's happening in your country. just hope it helps something... at least, be sure we are supporting you all. not only in portugal, where i am from, but everywhere.

be strong, keep the resistence


12:02 AM  
Blogger laure ghorayeb said...

tu es la première à m'avoir envoyé un message.nous ré nous nous en sortirons.laure

4:20 PM  

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